DOs & DON'Ts of Pull-ups

DOs & DON'Ts of Pull-ups

Do vary your grip from close to wide

Do warm up before you go in for your set

Do add weight when you can do more than 8-10 with proper form

Do put pull-ups FIRST if they're your priority or you're weak at them

Do place them last if your upper body is much stronger than your lower body, or they're easy to do due to lack of bodyweight.

Don't do the Crossfit skipping method unless ALL you want is to rep out a lot without hitting any muscle fibers much at all

Don't only do regular reps, include negatives, forced, unilateral, lateral ones, alternating ones etc.

Don't Drop dead down! Resist on the way down to stimulate your muscle fibers more.

Don't round your shoulders to get up easier. If your shoulder blades separate a lot you're not doing much for your upper back PLUS it's a disadvantage position for your shoulders' integrity.

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