Eating out? 10 traps to Avoid!

Kimchi “fried” Caulirice

Eating out? 10 traps to Avoid!

1. Ignore the bread they bring. It's supposed to fill you up so you eat less of the expensive food and since you're hungry you'll tend to overeat and exceed your calorie budget.

2. Ask for the dressing aside, or you'll get a salad swimming in oil!

3. If it's breaded, deep fried, covered in anything that looks like breading, skip it and ask for grilled or steamed. They can do it even if it's not on the menu.

4. Have a whey protein shake an hour before your restaurant meal. It can curb your appetite and also provide less stress about 'not enough protein'

5. Ask for 'no sauce' and 'no butter' on your vegetables

6. If you don't know how much the fish, chicken or beef weighs, ask them or be nerdy and bring a travel scale.

7. Don't look at the dessert menu.

8. If you're still hungry when you come home, have a big fighter diet bowl!

9. Drink sparkling water with a little bit of crystal light added. It tastes like soda!

10. Do drink a coffee after dinner, but avoid any sweetened coffee creamers even if it's labeled 'fat free' or 'sugar free'.

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