Ever had the 'diet depression'?

Somewhere under all that mustard are zucchini boats stuffed with wild caught spring salmon & red pepper

Ever had the 'diet depression'? It's that onset of lethargy and sadness you feel after some time on a cutting diet!

This is where KNOWLEDGE as usual is POWER. The reason your brain is doing all it can to make you SELF MEDICATE with sugar and high calorie food is simply to STOP THAT FAT LOSS.

So little is usually needed to get out of this state! Trust me I have lots of experience in this field and have mastered this lifestyle by being smart and trick myself a bit here and there.

Steamed red & green cabbage with salmon.

7 Tricks that really work wonders:

1. CHANGE your staple veggie.

2. Try new spices. Curry and saffron are my favorites.

3. Use shirataki noodles, salsa and ground venison and it feels like you're eating regular pasta with meat sauce.

4. Change how you prepare your meals. If you can't stomach more porridge, do my scrambled oats with unsweetened chocolate chips!

5. If you're dying for peanut butter but don't want to add calories, swap out some of your allotted olive oil.

6. Cravings for baked potato wedges? Try Kabocha squash prepared the same way and you get 200% more food for the same calories/carbs.

7. Chocolate cravings? Use cocoa powder and 100% dark chocolate and cocoa nibs. I mix some cocoa powder and stevia with my Fighter Diet chocolate whey.

I think there was some shrinkage with the zucchini noodles. This was 700g before steaming. Topped with wild caught spring salmon