Exercises you need to reduce injury risk (Video)

Injury Prevention

1) External shoulder rotations to build shoulder stability.

2) Serratus press for shoulder stability.

3) Trap front raise for lower trap training. That lowest part helps “pull” the scapula down.

4) Horizontal hip abduction aka peeing dog for the same stability in the hip rotator group as you get in the shoulders when training rotations properly.

5) Supine neck flexion to strengthen the inner muscularity that keeps your head in a good position.

6) Unilateral glute bridge.

7) Wrist extensions.

8) Internal hip rotations.

9) Planks to strengthen the transversus abdominis that acts like a natural weight belt.

10) Scapula retraction I showed you the other day.

These exercises aren’t mass builders but they’re supporters to the mass builders meaning YOU can build more over time!

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