Fastest Cardio: The Best to Get Shredded?

Fasted Cardio: is it the best to get shredded?

Guess what? It does not matter when you do cardio from a fat loss standpoint.

The potential drawbacks are lack of intensity which decreases the caloric expenditure as well as muscle catabolism.

That does not sound good if your goal is to retain muscle while you lean out.

If you don't believe me, ask yourself why it's outrageous to expect to lose body fat if you exceed your caloric requirement consistently by eating pizza, ice cream and all at night, since you're doing fasted cardio it should cancel that surplus out.

That is not how it works. So why would fasted cardio be superior to non fasted?

To change body composition as in leaning out you need to provide a deficit. Timing your workouts to be done fasted in an attempt to lose body fat will not be the factor that makes you succeed.

- Pauline

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