Me, in the beginning.

Fasting is so popular nowadays one would think there was a reason to fast rather than eat to gain muscle and lean out

I fast. You probably do too unless you have a sleep eating problem. Every night I go to bed and until I eat I fast. Break...Fast... that’s right, nothing new.

If you want to fast or not is your choice. In my program you choose meal placement and meal frequency.

Since it makes so little difference if any at all, why would I have an issue? Whatever floats your boat that also yields sustainable results for YOU.

So why don’t I recommend fasting in general if the goal is fat loss?

Well, that’s easily explained because it’s obvious to me: when was the conundrum of weight loss NOT eating? Never! The problem is the eating! The mindless snacking, the constant Fedex-like delivery of building blocks for your thrifty fat cells. Oh you know they’re always open for business.

To win the battle of the bulge you need to practice consistency. For some reason humans are good at highs and lows, overzealous efforts followed a deep nose dive to the bottom and then surrender, but not good at doing things day in and day out that are against our instincts.

What am I talking about? Dieting. Or living this fitness lifestyle.

The only reason I have succeeded at staying lean despite my chubby genetics and big appetite is my diet. I know there are a lot of you out there who should follow my lead.

Why you don’t? I don’t know! Maybe you’re scared :)

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