Fat cells will NEVER be generous

Fat cells will NEVER be generous!

They either want to KEEP what's in them or ADD more.

They are programmed to do anything in their power to arrange with the big boss (the brain) to STOP fat loss.

That is why you will feel like this when getting leaner:

1) Hangry.

2) Starving.

3) Angry.

4) Pissed at the world.

5) Tired.

6) No energy.

7) Sex drive goes down (for some).

8) Moody.

9) Losing focus.

10) Feeling sad.

11) Feeling more skinny fat.

12) Can't stop thinking about carbs and sugar.

13) Dragging your feet.

IT is NORMAL. Don't think you'll get that dream body without PAYING for it!