Fighter Diet & Losing Fat

A fan made this collage of me for me.

Fighterdiet & Losing Fat

Someone made a comment about fruit on Fighter Diet's Facebook page wondering if it makes you fat. No, it does not make you fat.

Not one single nutrient or food has the power to make you fat. It is the sum of all the foods you eat that results in bulge or not.  If you have too many calories per day consistently you will gain weight. It does not matter if those calories come from chocolate cookies or bread or fruit. Of course the nutritional values differ in terms of fiber, vitamins, minerals etc, but still the CALORIES folk, the 

You can choose any diet method or philosophy more or less and end up with the same weight loss, but how will you keep it up?

Do you see yourself eating the same way more or less from now on? If not, well, you can just go ahead and gorge again because you will sooner or later gain the fat you lost back! This is the reason I detest the question about what diet I am on.

I'm not on a stupid diet! I don't DIET. I eat according to what I want to obtain.

Many times I get comments about Fighter Diet and my metabolism. I heard things so dumb I don't know wether to laugh or to freak out, so here it goes... I was NEVER lean by nature. I was NOT born with abs. I have to bust my ass almost every day day in and day out to stay the way I want. I need to be very active to stay shredded. I don't cheat because I don't get away with it.

I disciplined myself to not fall for cravings because I realized I cannot work it off on a cardio machine!

I don't base my diet on grains, starches and sugar because I have a huge appetite and my body is too small for its appetite!

I am not a big guy who can eat a lot and stay lean. Heck, I am a 5'2, 120 lbs woman with a chubby structure by nature. My body would love to be 130 lbs. You think I have an easy time?

I need to motivate myself just like everybody else. I don't always enjoy having to work so hard  all the time. I like the effects of it so I do it and don't complain. Nobody told me I have to be ripped and shredded and ready to shoot any day any time! I did!

It's not easier for me than for anybody else. I have the same desire for sweets and fats like everybody else does. I am lazy just like all you other folks out there. So, don't come to me and say I was born a certain way, it could not be further off from the truth.

If anything I do it harder for me than I could due to my standards. I would never go any easy way to stay lean and end up with a brittle body with organs giving out long time too soon. I am vain, I want to be healthy to look young as long as possible...

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