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Fighter Diet Cardio

Let's be true here right...  and cardio training  are two tools to stay lean.

I am not a runner and I seldom think "Oh boy it's gonna be so fun to move up and down for a while here on this machine!". I look at long distance runners with some envy wondering wow how can they keep on going that much... What do they keep on their mind to have something to occupy their thoughts with? When I used to go running I always created a list on things to take care of mentally, like different issues I was facing or coming up with the ideas or concepts...

A few years back I was stressing about the cardio and the inevitable truth that I would need to always be on top with my cardio training in case I really wanted to stay lean.

From Fighter Diet's Cardio Book

Some weeks I was burned out and only pure stubborness took me through them. One day, I remember because I ran on the beach towards Santa Monica, I got some kind of revelation.

Suddenly it hit me that I was in charge of my mental outlook on the cardio training. I realized it would be a negative part of my life did I let my pessimistic cynical perception of doing cardio take over. From that point I just embraced the chore and promised myself to see it as a true perk: think about it, being healthy, having two strong legs and a heart of a thorough bred horse was a blessing! How could I not enjoy it?

I started to focus on the results and the feeling of well-being the training brought into my life and I started to see it as an oasis instead where it would be only me and my music. It became ME time where I could just go in to a zone, focus on the task and feel invincible from doing something for a bigger cause.

Instead of saying "I have to do cardio" I adopted saying "I choose to do cardio". I said "I want to be extremely fit" instead of saying "I don't want to get out of shape". I started to say "cardio makes me be able to eat more" instead of complaining that "If I did not eat as much I could do less cardio".

From Fighter Diet's Cardio Book

So, nowadays I do cardio because it de-stresses me, it makes me consistent with my other training, I use the time to regroup and focus on what is important to me. 

And finally I always remind myself that there is nothing I MUST do. I can stop, I can quit, I can be lazy. I see my cardio training as a true training of my dedication and determination because it's not those things you really love doing that you need to work on.

No, it's those tools you have on your plate to use for progress that you should try to learn how to use.

Some things you should not think about too much. Just do it like the NIKE commercial says.

I also realized that as long as I was secretly searching for an easy way out or a short-cut to get the same end results, I would never really embrace my cardio as a big part of my fitness life. I learned how to accept it and turn it into a drive to do it out of passion. 

And then it became pretty easy to just step on to a machine and set that body on fire!

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