Fighter Diet Energy

Me on the cover of Ironman Magazine

Fighter Diet is a style of life and you're the boss of your life and your outlook on it.

There are no better energy boosters than laughing and spending quality time with motivating and inspirational people.

Your energy thrives on those two things!

If your close ones are boring, sedentary, nagging and discouraging, you owe yourself to get out of that crowd and make a new crowd with people who you can exchange energy with!

It works as great as being in love: all of the sudden you get so high on all those new feelings it's amazing how your legs feel lighter and you get a smile going for no obvious reason. Well, that's the state you should focus on staying at. Fall in love with things, with people, with hobbies. Get passionate about stuff!

Steer in the direction where you know you get a good laugh, a good company, a nice talk. It's all about staying motivated. Do whatever it takes. Postivity needs way more nurturing than does negativity. It's so easy to be depressed, it takes work to stay happy.

If you can manage your outlook you're so much closer to reaching the level of fitness you want!

So do it for aesthetic reasons and you will get a happy soul as well.

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