Fighter Diet Muscle GROWTH

Fighter Diet is a style of life and I say it's all about discipline your dedication...So let's talk about training 'heavy'.

"It's too heavy!!!" No it's not, you just need to practice lifting it more. 

The weight has a purpose: to stimulate your muscles to grow by telling your brain "hey, dude, this is some serious weight here we're supposed to lift and that ain't happenin' if we don't get some assistance... like more muscle?"

It's supposed to feel heavy!

It's supposed to feel hard. If it doesn't you really think it will make a difference? Your body does not see the weights, it can only feel them. So, you curl your little dumbbells and they are not heavier than your gucci bags with the bottle of Evian in it, but you know you are in the gym lifting and huffing and puffing and sweating and oh boy it is so heeeeeavy!

Chicks. Get real!

Ok, I know you are a believer that you are pushing for all you are worth, but nah, you aren't.

You are not even reaching 25% of your potential with that attitude. The big mistake here is thinking I am doing as good as I can.

You should think "I can do a lot more than this". Who are you to set a limit for your body's capacity? Did you ask it?  If you for once shut off your brain and listened to your body, I am pretty convinced it would really tell me a whole other story about what's going on when I'm not around. Here is your body's secret talk to me:

"Hey Pauline Nordin... yeah I know you know this, but JEEEESUS, she DOES not let me WORK!!!

I've had it with her, I'm soooo bored lying in that little buttkick machine in the corner, I want to squat like the boys right up there in the center of the gym where everyone is serious about it!

Pauline, the other day, oh god, I cannot believe I am telling you this, but I was on that crosstrainer machine for 45 minutes and the whole time I was half asleep!!!! What is she thinking!!! I know I can row way more than those tiny puny old lady weights, why does she not let me? Pauline Nordin, what am I gonna do!!!! And I've tried to show her how I can grow and get firm, but she does not let me do it the way I want it!"

And so it goes on and on.

The take home message here is: maybe you were not aware, but the gym is actually a place to work hard in. The whole concept is lift some weights, get stronger and move on to bigger weights. And get stronger. Then move up to bigger weights. And get stronger. So we pick up bigger weights. And get stronger. And oh, our bodies changed in the mean time, who would've known!:-)

So, here are my top secrets to get that crazy looking gorgeous fit body you so much want:

1. Train in the intensity zone where you lose awareness of your facial expressions. If you notice any weird faces it is because you are not working hard enough.

2. Don't train because you want to look good. Train because you like the feeling and it happens to make you look good.

3. Forget about the fatburning zone: when your muscles are burning when doing cardio, it's a good sign you are burning some energy there. So keep at it!

4. If you are not focused on staying upright and keep your body tight during training you are training way too light.

5. Don't fall into believing the "small stabilizing exercises" that help you grow and get stronger, are the key movements to get a killer body. The big compound movements where you lift a lot of weight are the most important ones.

6. If you don't know how to train, hire a trainer to show you how so you don't waste months of your time. It truly is an investment.

7. Do not get frustrated because you are not super strong day 1. It takes time damn it. You think everyone was born with a loaded barbell on their back? Everyone goes through the saaaaame long time of acclimating to heavier and heavier loads.

8. Change comes from change. So, you will always need to push your body. It does not get easier with time, only the habit of doing it does. Learn to enjoy having those "making history with personal bests in the deadlifts" moments that brighten your day!

My client had one today, going from 100 lbs in deadlifts to 145. And all this in a month and a body weight at 108. She looked pretty happy! And me too.

9. The difference between doing a show and looking great all the time is the latter ones always win.  A great way to motivate yourself is to go for a show and then maintain and not pig out! You have no idea how great it feels to keep a nice shape until you try it.

10.  I have nothing more to say.