Fighter Diet "Secret Formula"

I am a pretty good listener... but occasionally the overload of daily requests for the "secret formula" that will transform you into a Fighterdiet fitness STAR in 3 short weeks (I'm being very generous with the time here) just gets to me. 

I have repeatedly given you all the tools needed. I've presented them in the best way. I've showed how to do it. I lead by example. Yet, you dare to complain about how hard it is.

You say it's draining you. You have no energy. You are tired after work. Your muscles hurt. You don't like lettuce. You're craving your regular chocolate chip cookie. Boohoo, you're suffering so bad because you didn't get to have your lollipop today.

Boohoo you don't think it's exciting to hit the treadmill that often. Poor you. Poor you! Of course it's unfair daaaarling.

You asked fitness santa Pauline to give you a six pack and a million dollar bootie, and yet, you've been doing so well the last 5 days, and wow: you still don't see change. It must be the diet that's not working. 

Or hold on, the reason why you are still stuck there with your 20 lbs to lose and no muscle tone is definitely due to poor genetics, while I on the other hand was born with two dumbbells and a squat rack in my hands.

To you, it's unreasonable that you actually need to follow a strict diet. You insist on a little bit of that a little bit of this. That's the way you want to do it.

Vegetables are tasteless, no fried food is boring, you need to have your ribeye steak and your Ben Jerrys. That's life quality and to say no to that equals having no life.

Let's decode some bullshit while I'm at it: BULLSHIT: "I've been super strict for two weeks, no change in body composition"

TRUTH: "I've had an extra snack at night because I've trained so good"

BULLSHIT: "I work SOOOO hard on cardio, I'm sweating like a pig"

TRUTH: "I refuse to acknowledge INTENSITY counts, I stick to fat burning zone and read a book to pass time"

BULLSHIT: "I lift super heavy and train very hard, I squat ass to the grass too"

TRUTH: "I lift light reps until I feel the burn, my grass is about mid thigh high and that's my bottom position in the squat"

These are just a few examples. 

But what it does is starts a thought process to me about why the heck do you want this? Did anyone tell you that you need to be a physical fitness phenomenon?

Does your desk job require you to have a ripped belly? I guess not, you see, you're stuck on the stupid idea of having it, but in no way do you want to own up to it, get to work and freaking deliver!

Let me share you some golden rules to follow if you're ready to face reality and step up to the plate: 

Your body doesn't give a fxxx you want to be ripped and buff. It's completely happy the way it is with some extra pounds. You're vain and that means you'll need to work your ass off. 

Andrea Chan, Fighter Diet Follower. Do what Andrea did, try Fighterdiet

1. The ratio of time you spent getting fat to time you spend getting fit = 1 to 2.

2. As in allow double time to get fit. If you were building your soft body for 5 years, allow equal amount to achieve "perfection".

3. Get used to it: you'll need to kill yourself in the gym. Over and Over.

Kamie, Fighter Diet Follower. Do what Kamie did, try Fighterdiet

4. Accept that a lot of workouts will be 'do time'. You show up, perform and leave. Don't need to love every single session.

5. Simply learn to love the food that helps you. It's not an option not to. You can have all your crap and look like crap or you compromise, learn to love it and get results. Your call.

6. NO. That's the answer to "cannot I have this and that food and still get ripped?"

7. There's a reason fit people eat the way we do. Not because we don't love pizza and ice cream. You have already proven your point those foods don't result in a lean body. Your body is proof.

Michelly Kelly, a Fighter Diet follower who is now a Fighter Diet Coach! Try Fighterdiet

8. STOP re-starting over and over. Of course you're motivated after a week off, ready to suddenly be committed. But you never go past the initial change that way.

9. STOP being a cry baby. You're not starving. You've got the munchies. Occupy your mind. Get a hobby.

10. Ask yourself how much do you want this? Do you really want it or you wish you did?

Jocelyn Duncan, 50 years young! try Fighterdiet

11. Learn what commitment is. It is not a week of good behavior. Commitment is doing what you gotta do when you don't want to do it.

12. Learn what patience is. It's having faith in the process and doing all in your power to get results in the future. It's not patiently waiting for the miracle fat loss cure.

13. Accept that it will always be a challenge. You don't suddenly have your hot body and then it's without as much upkeep. It's a race car. It will need a lot of of constant work to stay in shape.

14. Get used to your body saying no. And keep pushing it until it surrenders.

15. Stop listening to your feelings on a daily basis. Don't ask yourself "how do I feel about this workout and this meal?" Simply do it. 

16. Work each workout like it's the last one you have to improve. Pacing leads to stagnation.

17. Stop complaining about how hard it is. We all know it is. Move on!

18. Life's never fair. You sacrifice to gain.

19. It's a myth you can have it all. You need to choose what's more important.

20. Stop blaming your kids, your cat, your wife, your boyfriend, your society or your situation. Do the best you can and I mean really. It's ok to settle for less but then don't bitch about it. There are two kinds of people in the world: whiners and winners. It's all about your mindset. Everyone loves to fantasize about having it all, wish they had the dedication and work ethic.

How about ending that silly wishing and get to work! It sure works. It's the only magic formula on earth and it will never EVER be bottled and served at your local In-n-Out.

Over and out.

What's included in THE FIGHTERDIET?

  • What to eat and why.
  • Why clean eating can keep you fat.
  • How to conquer cravings.
  • How to design meal plans for your goals as well as menus to use.
  • How to practice refeeds to boost fat loss.
  • Nutrient timing to increase muscle growth.
  • The difference between treats vs cheats.
  • Information about macronutrients.
  • Lots more essential tips for a lean physique.