Fighter Diet Truths (a MUST READ)

Fighter Diet Truths 

Want to get lean? Build muscle, burn fat?

Fighter Diet is where it's at.  Before you start, read these truths to get in the right mindset:

1) You cannot diet to get lean if there is no real muscle volume underneath the fat! A lot of women in particular want to get lean, when as a matter of fact there is nothing to lean up! First you need some meat to your bones, then get rid of the subcutaneous fat.

2) Ladies, your legs are seldom that muscular and big as you believe. They appear that way due to a lot of body fat on top.... So either you diet harder and lose the fat slowly but steady or you go for keeping the jiggling yet smaller legs... your call.

3) Men, you too have legs! It does not matter how impressive that upper body is if it does not come with matching legs! If you have a hard time getting some mass on the wheels, that's ok, what is not is avoid training them!

4) Ladies and men, crunching does not give you lean and sexy abs... You gotta work your whole body! Going in for cardio and abs is inefficient. Go squat instead and not in the smith machine but the real thing and your abs will look so much better when combined with a great diet.

5) When you walk on a high incline treadmill, don't hold on to the rails..... it's you who should walk the treadmill, don't let the treadmill walk you. 

6) Avoid getting banana legs. do those straight leg deadlifts, curls and good mornings.

7) Whole food market is wonderful, but all food in the store is just as calorie dense as anywhere else. The granola, the take away, the subs, the yoghurts, the dried fruit are just as calorie dense as anywhere else...

8) There are no protein bars that are as clean as real food.

9) If it looks like a candy bar, it is a candy bar.

10) You won't die from not having cereal in the morning.

11) If you don't get lean from your diet, it's probably because you eat too much! And yes, your body does not care if it happens to be "clean" food, it is still calories that are too many.

12) There is nothing wrong with you just because your body does not shed fat like a maniac. It's normal. Losing weight is a battle against your genes and evolution...The human body is pro at surviving, you should be happy for it in case there is a disaster!

13) Yes, being lean all the time makes it harder to get even leaner and everybody loses a lot of weight first on a diet. That is because you have a lot to lose.

14) "I always lose the 10 first pounds with ease then I cannot do it anymore, I get stuck". It's the common plateau, just deal with it. People yoyo diet and lose the first pounds and then go up again when it gets tough. Stop yo yo dieting, it won't all the sudden get easier.

15) "I gain muscle so easily I am afraid to get too big" is a very common explanation I hear....It is never true!

16) When you say you get fat from creatine it's usually because when you did go on it you ate like a pig since you thought it would make you gain muscle. You just got fat. So next time you try it, don't over eat and you will get stronger but not just fat. Creatine adds water to your muscles, not fat.

17) You can not and I tell you again, can not change fat to muscle. You can build muscle and burn fat.

18) Your body has no need for junk food. Your brain might have a conditioned need for it but that is what it is.

19) Being hungry does not kill you. It's annoying but not dangerous at all.

20) You won't turn catabolic from missing a meal here and there...

21) There is no such thing as "you deserve a nice physique", you can only achieve it!

22) If you feel you work harder than anyone else you can be sure you have not even reached 20% of your potential.

23) Your mind sets your limits, not your body.

24) Don't just walk into the gym and do your sets and reps. FEEL it, LIVE it, LISTEN to your muscles, SPEAK its language. Keep your focus. A great physique does not happen by accident, it happens by dedication

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