Fighter Diet What & When to Eat

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Fighterdiet is a flexible concept regarding meal frequency and timing

Fighterdiet diet serves a purpose, it's your primary tool to get in shape.

The less time you have available for workouts the more important your diet becomes. For 99% of us it's not possible to out train a bad diet, it can actually just make your fitness progress slow down.

Doing too much training to even out over eating on calorie rich foods will lead to fatigue. Fatigue leads to less intensity in the gym and less intensity means less muscle building potential.

When you eat your meals can impact your results. Not in the way you think though! "Don't eat carbs after 7 pm" is ridiculous and so is 'cardio should be done fasted to burn fat'.

Get the new Fighterdiet book! My fat loss for life method in an easy to read & digest guide. Designed to make you succeed at living life lean!

My philosophy is you eat the way it suits your schedule and goals.

If you have no appetite in the morning but insane hunger at night, why not follow the flow and eat the most food at night?

To keep it simple, remember it what you eat on a daily basis, no matter where you eat it which really makes the difference.

There are benefits, clear benefits, to consume protein before your workout to boost muscle building and preserve the catabolic effect of intense workouts, but if you don't want to eat 6 meals a day then why do it?

What about the placing of your meals?

Here are some basic guidelines;

1) If you work out early in the morning and can't get up 2 hours before your workout, have a protein shake before the workout. If your main focus is muscle GAIN you should add some carbohydrates. Liquid form is efficient.

2) If you're training early in the morning you can benefit from eating your biggest meal at night to allow full recovery and muscle glycogen replenishment over night.

3) If you struggle with the munchies at night, eat your most food at night.

4) For those with big appetite in the morning but smaller later during the day, eat your big meal in the early hours.

5) For best muscle growth, eat most of your calories and protein around your workouts. That means a pre workout meal, a post workout meal and another meal an hour to 3 after.

6) If you can't eat big meals, portion them out into smaller ones.

7) If you want to have a flat belly during the day, eat your biggest meals at night.

8) If you're doing several workouts a day but have to lose fat, choose pre and post workout carb/protein meals for your most important workout, then add BCAAs or HMB or EAAs around your other workouts to counteract excess muscle breakdown.

9) If your goal is to lose fat and you're doing cardio: there's no reason to do cardio fasted.

10) If your goal is to train your body for endurance training you can benefit from skipping carbs in the 2-3 hours pre workout.

11) If you struggle with low blood sugar during workouts, make sure you have a meal close to your workout and maybe have some intra workout carbs as well.

12) If you struggle with sleep on your cutting diet, then have some of your carbs at night.

What is the common practice on Fighter Diet? There's not one way to do Fighter Diet, but this is what I personally do:

I never do cardio or workouts fasted. I prefer to have protein or BCAAs or Aminos pre and post.

If I do weights in the am I have a small dose of carbs with my protein.

The pm workout will be fueled by my meal #1 about 5 hours prior.

I eat most of my calories late at night. This fuels my am Paulines Workouts and keeps me satisfied.

I eat 3 solid meals a day, but they're usually spread out at noon , 8 pm and 11 pm.

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