Fighterdiet Refeed Scares Me

My one year transformation with Fighterdiet.

Fighterdiet Refeed Notes

I tend to have a bit of a black or white mentality, I continue to work on this so to have a good relationship with food.  It is such a hard process for me as I can eat so much (bing eat) in breaking record time. 

During my transformation with Fighterdiet I have had phenomenal success.

I consider myself a person with good discipline and can eat the same thing for ever.  I measured and calculated every calorie and ate my allowed calories and no re-feeds for some time.  

But in order to progress and keep moving forward with my body goals I had to incorporate Re-feeds

They scare me and my fears of over eating uncontrollably come forward.  I tried on my own and failed.  So, together with Pauline we are working weekly to help me to get control over food during my Re-feeds. 

I must mention I am 100% on point with diet during the week, its just Re-feed days that i struggle with. 

My one year transformation with Fighterdiet.

So far we have tried a couple strategies and so I thought to share with you what has worked and what has not worked FOR ME.  

I was allowed 500 extra calories. The first week I  just ate very little rice without measuring but I was 100% sure it wasn’t 500 calories, I was too scared to eat more and that it would turn into a  binge.  

The following week i felt stronger and was craving and wanting more rice, so Pauline suggested to replace my oat bran with rice which i did and went over board and ate too much rice. I love rice too much.  

I felt by not eating my allowed 500 calories the week before my brain felt more deprived and so as expected it turned into a rice binge.

The week after I had a guest and used excuses as to why i didn’t reach out before I binged and ate more than i should have with sweet treats.  

So, I was challenged to think of how and what I could  do to make sure i don’t exceed my 500 calories and so this is my plan for Sunday…

As I prepare my usual food i will also prepare my 500 extra calories and put aside so i know that is ALL i get to eat as my Re-feed and when its gone its DONE!  Pauline suggested to put my 500 carb calories into a different bowl so that it feels different than my normal weekly plate. Also to drink 1 L of water before my last meal of the day.

So come this Sunday I am going to implement the above plan and I can only choose from carb source, such as Rice, Bread, more oat bran, potato etc…. NOT a SWEET treat, god knows I could eat cake, chocolate and cookies for days.

So by not waiting to see what I feel like eating on my Re-feed day and having it prepared in advance then I will not be triggered to go look in the cupboards to see what 500 calories i can eat. 

I am going to master my cravings and my Re-feeds.

I hope this helps some of you FD sisters that may be struggling with Re-feed food control. 

Blog by: Nargess Vahdat

Start weight: 91 kg (200.2 lbs)
One year FD: 70.2 Kg (154.4 lbs)

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