"Fit-ish", fitness and pizza

"Fit-ish" - someone who likes fitness, but also enjoys pizza and beer - that's how I would've described myself a few short months ago.

My fitness journey began in 2009 as a New Years resolution.

I was in grad school then, a walking disaster of unhealthy - smoker, heavy drinker, night-owl, poor diet, physically inactive.

I wasn't overtly obese because of my "Humpty Dumpty" bodytype - skinny limbs and thick in the middle...so as long as I didn't wear anything tight around the waist or wore spanx, everything looked sorta okay. I didn't have a single muscle and never dreamed of being fit.

So starting 01/01/2009 I set foot in a gym and began on the elliptical.

A few years later I quit smoking and set my eyes on running a marathon. As my time running increased, so did my appetite. I soon ate everything without fear thinking that my 10-mile runs would burn off anything. 3 marathons later, I got fitter; but still didn't have the body I thought a fit person should.

Once again I blamed my Humpty Dumpty genes for not being able to have abs...until I discovered Pauline on Facebook.

Something about the way she told her story resonated with me, and I began watching all her videos and practing the FD way of eating.I started attending fitness classes that involved weights.

Finally, I bit the bullet and joined Summer Shred April 2017 and really cracked down on my self-discipline.

Cutting alcohol was definitely the toughest part because it was such a big part of my life; but I was determined. 12 weeks quickly passed and I couldn't believe my eyes as my abs began coming out.

Nothing fuels motivation like visible results, and fighter diet definitely delivered. 

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