Fitness Self-Medication

I have one good Fitness trick up my sleeve that I use to stay on top mentally.

Since my early teens I was always attracted to the navy seals, the military style people, the disciplined people, soldiers, warriors, fighters. 

If it wasn't for the fact being a Marine or in the Air Force or some other elite force means war, I'd love to serve the country!  I like the philosophy on how to live life by working hard and stay focused on the task, but the violence? No, that I am no fan of..

The Fighter Diet Military Challenge made its debut April 2017 with thousands of participants. The Military Challenge 2 will open admission beginning of May. 

In Charge

I'm a fan of being in charge of your life, refusing to be a victim, be set on being happy and to push your strengths and improve your weaknesses. For me this means I always work on being at ease spiritually. If I let myself get into a wrong mindset and run on negative energy I am convinced it will set its claws in my heart until I one day I confuse being content with being happy.

I'm obsessed with being happy.

Life is complicated as it is, it's so scary sometimes. You know those nights when you get that "cannot swallow, cannot breathe attack" and your mind is on full spin about the future, what will become of you, what if you will fail, what if you lose your job, your assets, your security, your friends, your health...

These thoughts are evil. Pure evil. Because nobody ever knows what will be there tomorrow anyway. Why worry?

I do my best to steer clear, think happy thoughts, think about the people I love and that I am not alone.

Green Beret Jeff Bosley is one of the moderators in the Military Challenge. 

Some times I feel very unsafe being a foreigner:

I have no roots in a country I chose to live my life in. I have no safety net, no family, no where to go if I need to go. I think back a lot about the first year in America. The whole moving over, putting everything at risk, make it or break it in the most competitive and weird city in the world... The first night I was here, Los Angeles asked me "Did you REALLY want to come here? Do you really want it?"

And even when I had no money for the day, my budget was three cans of tuna from 99 cents store since the rent at the beach and the traveling for fitness competitions took all of it, I never ever have a change of heart.

I love this country. I was meant to be here.

Marine Alan Cummings is the lead moderator in the Miitary Challenge. 

I self-medicate myself with a calorie free fitness RX: happy emotions! I make it a habit to surround myself with only those who contribute and who I can make happy. It creates good vibes!

I am incredibly thankful for all those I meet and choose to be friends with.

Today I started to think about things I've done wrong in my life... One particular thing that is very hard on me, and yes it's a bit childish I know... Is I was mean to my old dog Duke. A golden retriever. I was a kid and he was old. I wanted him to get in shape so I had him running and running and I dragged him in the leish... I did not understand.... He was all tired....

One day he let loose and ran out on the road. I went after him crying and screaming. He got run over by a car. He survived. I almost got hit too. I don't know why this dog still hunts my conscience... I need to let it go! He was my friend this dog.... I am so sorry!!!! This was more than 16 years ago, so man do I need to stop worrying... I had a wonderful day by the way.... Good cardio, good stretching, awesome massage. In short, I've had this smile on my face all day and intend to keep it for as long as I live!

.. It's a style of life.

" is my concept for making the impossible possible: getting lean, staying lean but not feeling like you are constantly starving! - Pauline"

The Fighter Diet Military Challenge made its debut April 2017 with thousands of participants. The Military Challenge 2 will open admission beginning of May.

Pauline on the cover of THE MARINE CORPS TIMES!



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