Fitness Toddlers! 10 Basics you need to know!

Fitness Toddlers! 10 Basics you need to know:

1. Weight training is how you shape your body.

2. Cardio training mainly trains the heart and lungs.

3. Protein is building blocks for your muscles. You find it in things like chicken and egg whites and my own Fighter Diet Whey. 

4. The number 1 principle to get fit is constantly adding more resistance put on your muscles. It means the dumbbells you use today will be too light soon and you must add more weight to see results.

5. In weight training we workout with sets and reps. A set is a sequence of a motion pattern. For instance you squat up and down. Squatting up and down ten times is called a set. 1 x 10 reps is thus ten times sit up and down squatting.

Barbell Squat

6. Muscle is built by repetition. Your workout routine does not give results until you've been doing it for weeks and months consistently.

7. A woman can never get huge from working out and eating right. A man will never become a Belgian Blue monster from simply working out and eat a lot of good food.

8. When you start working out you might see clothing sizes drop yet the scale shows no change or even increase in weight. This is a good thing: you are losing body fat, but gaining denser muscle mass which takes up less surface.

9. If you can't see your abs it's due to a) too much body fat b) no muscle thick enough to peek through. You lose fat by following a diet plan intended for fat loss and muscle gain and you grow the muscle mass with your workouts.

10. If you think you're too stocky or bulky and you're not even working out with weights: do not let this fool you! It's just a lot of flab on top and your muscles underneath will be a lot, a lot smaller than you think the day you reach your goal. So always train to maintain! (muscle that is, not the fat!).

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