For how long time is it ok to work out?

Cheryl Cromie, a Fighter Diet Challenger in our Military Challenge, a co-ed challenge for Men and Women, we start Build & Burn for women only, Octobrer 11th.

For how long time is it ok to work out?
1. Think quality, not quantity.
2. The less time you have, the less time you can rest between sets.
3. If your workout is too long you'll see a decrease in focus and increase in fatigue

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4. If your workout is too short it means you're not stimulating your muscles enough to further adapt and grow.
5. Cortisol and growth hormone both increase with intense training. You can't stop that acute change. You can, however, make sure your cortisol does not stay high 24/7. You do that with rest, diet, stress reducing activities and laughter. Yes on laughter. Google it.
6. There's no 'oh at 60th minute suddenly all my muscles will break down!!' phenomenon.
7. The 'keep it to under 60 min' dogma is quite new and for decades athletes trained for hours. Only bodybuilders are focused on this 'never beyond 60 min' which is absurd. I personally don't follow it regarding weight training.

Rosario Morales, a Fighter Diet Challenger in our Military Challenge, a co-ed challenge for Men and Women, we start Build & Burn for women only, Octobrer 11th.

8. If you're cross training, you can't really do all your sports/disciplines in 60 min on a regular basis.
9. You break down and build muscle 24/7.
10. if you're worried about muscle breakdown, have a meal pre and post workout with protein and lots of BCAAs. Do not go to the gym fasted.

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