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Giselle WON!

Giselle and Pauline at Fighter Diet HQ in Los Angeles.

I've always been into fitness on some level.  

As a young adult it was fairly easy to maintain a "fit" physique because I spent much of my time dancing.  I always thought I had looked my best in my 20s during my time as a professional cheerleader.

But like most women, my metabolism completely changed when I hit 30.  Combine that with having my daughter, it felt like it had come to a screeching halt!! Since then, I have ridden the weight gain/weight loss rollercoaster for years!.........Until I found Fighterdiet! 

Let's face it, "life happens" and several factors contributed to an overall weight gain of 5lbs here, 5lbs there.  Becoming a mom, working full time, going through a tough divorce; it all added up.  It happened to me without even realizing how different my body actually looked.  

My self esteem was shot, I felt defeated. Over that time I had tried just about every diet fad and exercise gimmick around, some with decent results but it never really stayed off.  I had even worked with a personal trainer achieving great results.....only to have the weight slowly sneak back on, AGAIN!  This time I called it "happy weight".  As my then fiancé and I had both put on some fluff! 

Then in September 2016 I found Pauline and Fighterdiet. I started following and quickly decided to jump right in to the Build & Burn challenge.  

I desperately wanted to get in shape for my upcoming wedding!!! It looked to be exactly what I needed, a set diet with a workout plan all laid out for me!  All I had to to was follow it!  My fiancé was a skeptic at first thinking it was just another diet scam or gimmick.  

I was scared, unsure of what to expect, afraid of failure and I really hoped he wasn't going to be right on this one!!  But after only two weeks into the challenge, he quickly converted to a believer as I was already seeing pretty impressive results!!! I continued to push with not only the support from him, but with the challenge group behind me too!!! I loved the support I got from the group dynamic!

Pauline, her moderators, and even other challengers were all supportive and motivating to the whole group!! It was like a really responsive customer support around the clock!  I've honestly never seen anything like it!!  Over 2,500 women all in one place doing something "together", being supportive and truly there to lift each other UP!!!  It's unheard of!!! 

A turning point for me in the challenge was in week 8/9 when I had gone on a previously planned vacation.  I was so worried I'd fall off and fail!  But I asked the right questions, planned ahead, and stayed on course!  That's when I realized I had not only been changing my body but also my mind in the way I thought of food, the way I finally saw myself as a priority, and my lifestyle as a whole.  

I was so much stronger not only physically, but mentally as well!!! I continued to stay focused, disciplined and dedicated to my new life and the challenge!  

And with that discipline and hard work, I had actually WON!  No matter what I felt like a winner with all the changes I had made and the way I saw it, we were all winners!!  We had all gone through this 12weeks together!   We often call each other FD sisters, and that's how it feels, like family!!  

I have since joined two more challenges back to back and just signed up to start my 4th challenge!  I look forward to rounding out my 30s and heading into my 40s in the best shape of my life thanks to Fighterdiet!  So when you see us say, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle"'s 100% true!  


These challenges are unlike any other program!
Not only will you receive an ebook guide that includes your full diet plan, weight training, and cardio routines. You’ll be part of an amazing community of like minded women and men on Fighter Diet’s private Facebook group where you’ll be free to upload photos, ask questions and communicate with Pauline herself. 

Autumn Jones, a runner, lost 30lbs in 12 weeks with Fighter Diet principles!

Over 4,500 women joined January 12 and over 20.000 yearly, now YOU can sign up for one!

With an outstanding team of certified moderators to guide you every step of the way, you won’t just be dieting – you’ll be crushing your goals. 
Ready to get started? Discover the different challenges starting July 12th.

Tori Riegler gained confidence, self esteem and lost 24lbs!

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This is what Fighter Diet can do for you!

Admission is open for our only fall challenge, BUILD & BURN!

New for this challenge: 
* New meals to choose from. 
* New workout program.

And as always: 
* 12 Week Transformation Challenge. 
* Beginner and Advanced in same group. 
* Workout at home or in gym. 
* Day by day diet and workout plan. 
* Part of closed Facebook Group. 
* Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. 
* Women only. 
* Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

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