Golden Physique Moments

A Fighterdiet follower and YOU CAN TOO!

If you want an easy project don't go for building a fit physique.

It's not easy, it never will be.

First of all it takes long time to build the foundation, then when you have that you need to fight harder to go past the foundation. That's not enough. You won't hold on to it unless you work on maintaining.

Like that's not enough, the day you finally reach somewhat the ideal you worked for you'll find there's still so much left to improve

And the longer you work on perfecting the more critical you become. Your highest standard as a beginner becomes your lowest standard when you've been doing it for a long time.

So, is it all worth it?

Why is it worth fighting for something you can never take for granted? Why work so hard for a physique which acts like it's a wild stallion at times? Impossible to control and handle?

Yes. Yes it is worth it.

It's worth it for those moments when your body has a good day even if it's one good day out of 15 days. Those moments, when you see your hard work unveiled if so only for a second or two, make you feel like you hit the jackpot and became a millionaire.

I live for those golden minutes. My body isn't generous with them and never was. I guess that's why I treasure them even more.

What about YOU? 
Are you with ME?

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