Here are my Top 10 Rules for LIFE

Here are my Top 10 Rules for LIFE

When you're a kid you let your parents decide for you. You do as they say. Then yes you rebel at some times. Good!

But what happens then later? So many who delegate their life decisions to OTHER PEOPLE.

Why do you reverse back to being a marionette puppet?

Here are my Top 10 Rules for LIFE: 

1. Silent ALL voices about what you do in life except for your own voice.

2. Always ask yourself 'is this what I want my life to be about'.

3. Don't wait to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

4. Don't be scared of being alone. It's MUCH MUCH better than being with someone that doesn't understand you.

5. Don't try to please others to be loved.

6. Don't settle for outcomes that could be prevented if you just put yourself first on the priority list.

7. Don't FREAKING LISTEN TO PEOPLE who "knows" what's best for you.

8. DON'T CHANGE your focus and passion when you get struck by some short term crush or love story. THIS IS A BIG FAT MISTAKE, never make it.

9. Don't FADE because you become CONSUMED by someone else.

 10. Live your life the way you want it to be written about when you're gone.