How do you burn fat?

How do you burn fat?

To lose weight or body fat we need to use up stored energy.

The stored energy is in your fat cells. There is energy to last for many, many marathons without refueling!

The more weight you want to lose, the longer time you need to allow for this process. 

When you create an energy deficit via exercise and diet your fat cells release fatty acids into the blood stream.

Your stored energy from the fat cells plus any regular glycogen storage in your muscles and liver are processed into energy (ATP) via glycolysis,  - the term for breaking down glucose - and then continues to Kreb's cycle for further processing.

Kreb's cycle is a series of steps to produce ATP you can use to fuel your body. 

It's located in the mitochondria which are the energy power plants in your body, many are located in your muscles and they increase in volume with exercise. 

After Kreb's cycle the end products you have are carbon dioxide and water. The water is secreted via sweat, urine and feces and you breathe out the carbon dioxide. 

As you can see there is no 'fire' or 'burning' taking place, instead your body uses stored energy and when enough has been used up you notice weight loss or fat loss.

Exercise plus diet is the optimal way to lose fat and boost your metabolism.

The more weight you lose, the lower your metabolic rate becomes.

Weight training, avoiding crash dieting and consume a high protein diet are the best strategies for long term weight management.

Weight training is your best friend if you love to eat: the more muscle mass you have, the more energy (from food and drinks) can end up inside your muscles as glycogen and intramuscular fat instead of hanging out as stored fat in your fat cells!

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