How much cardio should you do?

Photo by: Pavel Ythjall


1. If your primary goal is fat loss, do some kind of activity 6 days a week.

2. If you're trying to shed excess weight, do cardio daily.

3. If your goal is increasing max strength, do none.

4. if your goal is muscle hypertrophy and you're skinny, do one or two short ones weekly.

5. If your goal is to get faster for endurance sport, mix long runs and shorter interval ones. Try get two days of rest per week if possible.

6. If your goal is bigger leg muscles, do only one or max two HIIT sessions weekly and try eliminate these workouts the day after your leg workouts.

7. If you want to balance out a heavy set lower body, do cardio daily.

8. If you have knee injuries or hip injuries, do low impact pain free activity only.

9. If you're already lean but want to get leaner and already do cardio 4-6 times a week, analyze your diet and cut down there as needed. Adding MORE cardio when you're lean is a sure way to catabolize muscle mass.

10. If you just want to be lean but keep strength in the gym: don't kill yourself on HIIT. Keep busy during the day, include walking and throw in some burpees and jump squats.

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