How to build muscle in 10 steps

How to build muscle in 10 steps

1) Train with resistance. Free weights, bands, kettles, chains, TRX etc. Your muscles do not see the object you're using so use all methods of stimulation.

2) Always ask 'can I do one more rep?' instead of just completing a set of reps.

3) Train in all repetition ranges: low, medium and high.

4) Vary your exercise order.

5) Vary your speed on your reps.

6) Don't crash diet.

7) Drink a whey protein shake before your training or if you're vegetarian, egg white protein, and if you're vegan, a pea and rice protein powder.

8) Use supplements that help you train hard: creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine are examples of them.

9) Train like a hulk regardless of your muscle goal: it's effort you need to put in.

10) Take a deload week every 12 weeks.

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