How to calculate your macros for results

Photo by Pavel Ythjall

How to calculate your macros for results

1. Keep a food journal for a week or two. Don't change anything but simply track everything using a scale to measure the exact amount. With this info you find out what you currently eat and from that point you can modify.

2. If you want to lose fat and build muscle you need to look into what those calories are coming from. A moderate carb diet, high protein and moderate fat is quite good at building and burning.

3. If you want to gain weight you need to add calories on a daily basis.

Photo by Pavel Ythjall

4. There are many macro breakdowns you can use, but don't be anal about them. A 30% fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs doesn't have to be set in stone... it can be 35% fat, 35 protein, 30% carbs and you can also rotate with higher carbs of 60-70%, 20% protein, 10% fat. Key is to know what you are doing and be consistent.

5. Most women need to hover around 1500-1800 calories a day to lose fat yet allow muscle growth. If you're skinny you might need the double amount or even more.

6. Most men need to work around 2000-2500 to lose fat unless you're a big buff lean guy who might need up to 5000 calories a day to simply maintain. Again it's trial and error and going back to step 1 to calculate.

Do you need to do all this? No. You can pick a diet plan aimed for your goal, use it for a few weeks then evaluate. It usually works like a charm since it gives you consistency 

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