How to encourage a healthy lifestyle

How to encourage a healthy lifestyle

There's a big debate about obesity and the fat empowerment movement.

The cost of a sedentary lifestyle combined with excess calories often lead to depression, pain, medical consequences that could have been prevented with simple diet adjustments and a more active day to day life.

We all have the right and the freedom to treat our bodies in any fashion we like, however choosing to be severely underweight by starving yourself is not healthy and can lead to long term side effects like osteoporosis, heart disease, muscle atrophy, hair loss, collagen loss and frailness.

Just like being malnourished harms your body, so does carrying excess body fat. Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, joint degeneration, increased risk of many diseases, infertility and more.

None of the two extremes is healthy or desirable.
Anorexic catwalk models showcase an unhealthy body ideal. Women starve themselves to achieve the look.
Obese front figures publicly state they do NOT want to lose weight and claim this is healthy, this is ok and this is a healthy way to live.

If you are a child growing up with two obese parents, and your grandparents are obese and so are all your classmates, you are considered normal.

If you're a child growing up with two anorexic parents, you have a great risk to develop eating disorders. You might even compensate by going the other extreme way as a rebellion.

What should we do about this? Here are my suggestions:

1. Put the same warning label on junk food that we have on cigarette packs. For instance 'THIS ITEM PROVIDES 50% of the calories a person needs."

This simple statement does not say DO NOT EAT IT. It says 'hey, if you eat this, you can only eat one more item you'll likely gain weight over time'.

2. UP the price on high calorie processed ready to eat items, CUT the price tags on whole foods that require actual cooking: vegetables for instance.

3. Reduce serving sizes of the supersized items.

4. Give a tax break for those who USE their fitness benefits. Encourage exercise in the work place. Allow coming in one hour later in exchange for improved health stats like lipids and blood pressure for instance.

5. Increase physical education in school and make changes in what is allowed to be served in the school cafeteria and in vending machines.

6. Educate about healthy eating and enlighten individuals about HOW to eat to not be hungry and HOW to indulge responsibly.

7. Offer MORE counseling for those who truly want to change.

8. PUSH the message it's not about body beauty or to make people feel shame about their bodies. ENFORCE the message it's about life quality for the individual combined with the better path for a healthy, thriving community.

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