How to help a friend who starts their own fitness journey

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How to help a friend who starts their own fitness journey:

#1: Be there for that friend. Help with compassion. You’ve been a beginner before. You know the feeling of “thinking” you can’t do it. 

#2: Take that friend to the gym a few times. Show him/her a few exercices. Nothing to complicated. Let’s stick with the basics.

#3: Don’t judge that friend. It’s easy to judge when you’re at the top of your game because you “think” you have the perfect lifestyle and that you know it all..(Not) If that friend struggles.. Go read point #1 again. 

#4: Give that friend your workout clothes that don’t fit anymore. I always do this. My friend was so happy! My workout clothes have history. They were worn with pride and pain at the same time. They made you a little more confident. And now that they are too big because you crushed all your goals, offer them to that friend. It’s fun to see my friend wear my leggings at the gym!

#5: Make time for that friend outside of the gym. It’s important to connect with our friends outside of our “regular” lives. Talk about other things than muscle activation exercices and such you know! 

By: Nelly Pereira @nellyfitmom

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