"I don't want to become too muscular"

The picture is from 2003. I had been training heavy and hard for 3 years and was cutting for the first time for a bodybuilding show. See how 'toned' I am? That's the amount of muscle you gain from HEAVY AND HARD WITH GOOD CUTTING DIET. NO WAY you can get too big.

"I don't want to become too muscular" said the girl who just started working out, focused on losing 100 lbs. Don't worry Missy, it won't happen.

Let's get 10 facts straight:

1. No woman can naturally gain so much muscle while also losing body fat that she will be 'big like a man'. Yes, she can be bigger than an average guy, but if he trains just as her and has the same muscle building genetics he will outgrow her fast.

2. Muscles don't take up a lot of space, they're compact and denser than fat tissue. If you gain both muscle and keep the body fat then of course you'll add tissue and thus add size overall. 

3. No workout in the world can make you look 'masculine' . You do not have testosterone levels like a man to gain that much muscle mass.

4. You might gain two pounds of muscle in the first months and get scared you'll keep on gaining. This is every bodybuilder's fantasy. It just will not happen. Your body resists further increase the more muscle mass you acquire. 

5. You always have much less muscle mass under the fat than you think. You also lose some when you lose a lot of body fat.You'll end up smaller and 'fluffier' than you want, hence you must add quality muscle weight or you'll be a jiggle thin version of your former bigger you will just as much if not more cellulite appearing.

6. "Toning" as in always doing high reps with light weights in an attempt to just get 'defined' is a sure way to stay the same. It's too easy and your body doesn't care to change. It has no reason to. 

7. All women you see with decent amount of muscle mass have worked out hard for years. Often more than a decade. Muscle bodies do not look their best when you're 16-20 like you do when you're just a regular girl not lifting weights. Muscle requires maturation, like a good wine. That density, that quality takes time.

8. You need to build your strength to gain Muscle. No matter what level you start at, the weights you use need to go up.

9. Don't ever focus on visible abs and be frustrated because they're still not showing after a month. You need to pretty much get lean all over before you see good muscle definition in your midsection. If you're lucky to get lean muscle abs fast, you're probably frustrated with the most common accompanying pear shaped stubborn thighs and butt. So, you won't get all at once.

10. The best way to avoid getting "too big" is to get lean with diet. No body turns bulky on a cutting diet.

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