I got sick of MY BULLSHIT!

Hi Ladies! I hop your first week is going well. 

The picture is from a wedding rehearsal dinner in September 2015. This marks the time I got sick of my own bullshit and decided to join the Cuts & Gainz challenge in October. It's been a year and half on Fighterdiet and I am now 69 lbs leaner with a lot more muscle!

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I grew up playing sports and being active. However, I was always overweight and had a hard time keeping up with my friends. I love food, my family is Italian, and nobody ever taught me how to eat for success. 

Since college, I have tried every fad diet, went through several personal trainers/nutritionists, and experimented with many training styles. Nothing really worked for me. I then fell in love with CrossFit and did that for 3 years. I was good at it and I could lift a lot of weight, but my body wasn’t changing the way I wanted (felt bulky).

On month 2 of my first FD challenge, my body changed drastically and I have never looked back.  is the only plan that works for me and I enjoy following it each day.

Here are a few tips wish I had known sooner in my journey:

• You have to be consistent if you want to see change.

• If you can’t do something, keep practicing. The stronger you get on other lifts/movements, the more it will help you tackle the one that challenges you the most.

• Experiment with food preparation. Be creative. Sometimes you dislike a food because you haven’t figured out how to prepare it in a way that appeases you.

• Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep meal preparation simple. Don’t fuss about getting to the gym–just GO.

• Make your health and fitness a priority. Sometimes that means telling people NO or rearranging your schedule/social life in order to get things done.

Good luck everyone! - Dana Jarvis

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