I’m tired of all “it’s ok to be fat”

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I’m tired of all “it’s ok to be fat” but never “stop harassing strong or muscular women”

Stop all ugly remarks about the looks of others’ bodies, period. It makes no sense to voice opinions about what isn’t yours.

Do I think it’s outrageous we have the right to eat ourselves to death? Yep. But I also respect the choice to do so just like I expect the right to train, build muscle and be buff. And eat whatever I like.

Everywhere I see “stop the fat bullying”. What about “stop all bullying”?

We are not kids. We should behave better. And not open our mouths to say something useless, non supporting, non encouraging just because we have the right to express what we think or feel.

The thing is many people don’t think much at all, and never try putting themselves in other people’s shoes before oral diarrhea takes off full force.

With all the body empowerment stuff going on, now we must stand up for being strong, big, strong and lean, “strong not skinny” and or all the other terms used for women who lift.

Women have the same muscles as men.
We can build them to get bigger than some guy's muscles.
Some women have great muscle building genetics, some men have less great muscle building genetics, regardless, everyone CAN build their strength.

Physical strength is for everyone to gain. End of story in my book.

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