I’m tired of the sensationalism driven fitness industry!

There is a reason my challenges are 12 weeks. It is enough time to create new habits into a healthy lifestyle with lasting results.

I’m tired of the sensationalism driven fitness industry!

I’m tired of “wow how long did this take?” Followed by complete disappointment when that full body transformation did not happen in one week.

I don’t buy what we’re told, that people have no patience with fitness. I believe it’s brainwash by skinny teas and rise like the sun nose dive like a jet plane weight loss companies.

They sell dreams, knowing what they do won’t support anyone’s true journey.

I believe the pressure to miraculously change in very short time is harmful and it puts too much stress on individuals who feel inadequate seeing all these insane before and afters.

Why not instead showcase the real journeys the ups and downs, the tenacity and patience required to shed 50-200 lbs.

Why not give the ones who don’t look fit yet but live the fit life a platform?

Why not show there is a happy medium and that having a shredded body isn’t what will bring you joy unless you truly love the lifestyle and if you don’t that’s ok too!

I’m concerned when I talk to all my Fighterdiet Warriors they think they’re not good enough for not wanting what you’re supposed to want: a perfect body.

I’m concerned that there’s too much emphasis on rapid results, not sustainable results

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I’m going to do what I always do. Go against the stream and I’m going to showcase many different fitness journeys on my website.

My hope is it will motivate, inspire and encourage many women and men to start their journey back to health and have them all know it’s expected this will take time.

It’s expected you’ll slip up, it’s expected you’ll be tired at times.

But what is also expected is once and for all success at this whole fitness thing.

Let’s be different to the Instagram world.

Let’s be about substance.

What do YOU think?

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