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I refuse to go on a diet

Dieting sucks. It really does. But  isn't a diet, it's a style of life.

So why do I hate dieting? You go hard and strict with a certain concept, get results hopefully, feel awesome and then you get fat again. Was it worth it? Was all that hard work, the extra cardio sessions you did half asleep and even though you really wanted to stay home watching tv?

If you knew you'd gain it all back again in a matter of a few days, would you feel as motivated to execute the plan?

Not that really huh. It's nothing wrong wanting to clean up one's diet, but what I find hard to understand is why bother so much and put in a heck of a tempo and super discipline just to lose it again?

I don't diet. I never did and never will. I can adjust my calories up and down, but it's still pretty much the same.

It's not a short term project. I am not waiting on the burning out on being disciplined, because I don't even recognize it as discipline. Come on, I choose this, it's not written somewhere that I have to follow any plan. That's why I don't bother trying different concepts just to do it. I found what I find is healthy and I enjoy it, soif it ain't broke don't fix it. YES I've read about all the "best" diets, but when it comes down to it, the only thing that counts is: can you keep it up? Can you see yourself eating the same way in a year from now? in 10 years from now?

It's such a relief not to be looking for the perfect diet that will get me in incredible shape. Since I won't let myself get out of it, well, the need to change my approach seems uncalled for.

The only thing I do is I stay true to what I believe in. I know I can have some out of my regular diet foods, there is nothing forbidden. I can choose to eat pizza, bread, pasta or chocolate, I just see it as I don't need to.

I get many inquiries on set diet plans for individual needs... I do them, but a litte bit resistantly. I know that as soon as that plan is being followed it will soon be discontinued. It just works that way.

I don't think it's worth the time nor the money to get a diet plan, go on it, get lucky and then back to regular eating and get back in bad shape. It's a lot more wiser, smarter and more sensible to take one step at a time and just make it a .

Fighter Diet Transformation

Why do you want a short term solution for success when you want to look successful every day of the year? Physique wise?

Maybe it comes down to me being lazy. I just don't like dieting. I cannot stand it and I feel deprived if I go on some kind of designed plan. So, I just refuse to go on a .

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