I spend every day thinking about YOU

I spend every day thinking about YOU

You might think that all I do is work out and update my instagram. Or cuddle with my cat. The truth is I spend every day thinking about YOU.

I have met and interacted with so many people over the years they pop up in my mind every so often. I wonder how they're doing, what happened to them, if they reached their goals, if they're happy.

Many times I ask myself HOW can I make as many as possible understand, how can I make them get that AHA revelation that I have, HOW can I show them how to do it so they don't give up.

It can be frustrating when my articles and blogs create more questions than they answer, which is quite like life isn't it. The more we dig the more we see there's more to it than what we already found.

I think of all those who still haven't found a passion for fitness.

I think of those who are getting ill eating what they THINK is healthy because they've fallen for marketing hype.

Sometimes at the gym I notice beginners and my thought is YES please don't get discouraged and DON'T QUIT. We all know that unfortunately the reality is most people stop going to the gym...

Time after time I try to make magic happen, trying to find a simple way to explain complicated.

I play with different tools on how to design diet plans and workout schedules. I REALLY try to take as much thinking out of it for the overwhelmed ones, but I'm a thinker so of course I want people to understand... You know, I'm European, we have this 'don't give fish, SHOW how to fish' engrained into our minds.

Not one day goes by that I don't think about you. When I don't answer questions it's because there's just one of me to answer and I can't always keep up.

When you have those days when you feel like NOBODY cares... Remember I do. You just don't KNOW how much.

To get in shape all you have to do is train hard and keep a strict diet.

Sounds easy, right? If only it wasn’t for the mind and what it does to you...

Even though you eat all your meals on time, complete all of your workouts you plan to do, those cravings for food and sweets just won’t let you off the hook!

If you want a change, transform your mind and body and soul, I welcome you to this challenge.

I provide the tools, I provide the information. You just show up and follow orders.

The 197 page book includes a 12 week day by day diet and workout plan so you can execute on your newfound mental strength. This time you will make it!