I taped photos of my head onto fit peoples bodies

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words

For people pursuing their fitness journeys though, a picture is worth a thousand calories… and either you ate them, or you didn’t.

I have one of those phones where you can’t readily hand your photo roll over to a friend to casually peruse the pictures of your last vacation, the cute thing your pet did, or any of the 80 memes you thought were funny and screenshot off Instagram.

Nope, mine’s full of self-timer bathing suit shots with hair in varying stages of disarray. Like, a LOT of them.

When I started Fighterdiet in 2015, I learned that, before all else, the first step was the BEFORE photo submission

For anyone that’s never taken a progress photo, the first one leaves you with a lot to think about. Every calorie flashes before your eyes, every workout, the image you had in your head of what you THOUGHT your butt looked like, and then, the image of what your butt ACTUALLY looks like… 

It’s a great humbling experience, but also a great jumping point because that first submission is usually when your resolve solidifies. For me, it was, “I don’t want to look like this anymore.” And, “I might look like this now, but I won’t in the future.”

I’ve taken progress photos for the last three and a half years. There have been some weeks lost here and there, but I’ve been pretty consistent.

For me, they serve a few purposes

They show you how far you’ve come. There’s nothing like the Progress feature on your calorie tracking app to affirm that you’re heading in the right direction. I pop this baby open when I eat. I scroll through progress photos while I shove my broccoli down, and ESPECIALLY if I’m in a mood where I’m particularly envisioning that broccoli to be pizza; vegetables taste better when you savor them with your own success. 

They keep your head in the game. My relationship with Fighterdiet is like any other relationship. After a couple years, the glitter and sparkles have worn off. We know exactly who each other are, and we’ve committed for the long haul. We aren’t having our first kiss, our first fight, our first ‘I love you’. We’re watching documentaries in our sweatpants together on a Saturday night and going to bed at 9pm. 

My point is that, with weight loss or muscle gain, it doesn’t just happen once, and it’s best the first time

The people who are a few years into their fitness journey relationship know that, like love, you have to work at it! You’ll have your ups and downs and photos will show you that. They’ll also show you that the key to long lasting success is sticking with the challenging times and not giving up.

They reignite your fire. When I look at my journey above, I can see how far I’ve come from where I started, but I can also see how far I’ve strayed from that burning ambition that revealed my abs. 67% of people believe that visualizing success can positively increase their odds of achieving that goal; I happen to be one of those people. 

I’ll be honest, before Fighterdiet, I’d go to the store and get fitness magazines and tape photos of my head onto fit peoples bodies to be able to visualize what I might look like if I succeeded at my goal

When I hit that goal with Fighterdiet, it became my reference point for my own body.  

I took my photos this morning, and, like the very first time, told myself, “I don’t want to look like this anymore.” And, “I might look like this now, but I won’t in the future.”

There’s nothing like a little public accountability post to outline some new commitment. It’s time for me to take Fighterdiet out for a date, hold her hand, and get to know each other again. Pauline just reissued a new Fighterdiet manual, so I’m going to start there. 

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