I want to but it’s so hard!

Photo by: Pavel Ythjall

“I want to but it’s so hard! I just give up. And then I lose my motivation............” Ok. Let’s go through some fundamental truths in life.

1) What you want the most will never hand itself to you. It’ll have you chase it.

2) Are you giving up because you sit on a better alternative?

3) Does motivation execute your tasks or does your discipline?

4) Motivation doesn’t save you and doesn’t make you. Relying on motivation is doomed to fail since motivation fluctuates and you’ll never know when you get its wind in your sails.

5) It costs a lot to keep fighting an uphill battle, but what costs more is knowing you could’ve but didn’t. Keep going.

Live today with one goal:

To be better than you were yesterday, and to always strive to be. If you want to live a fulfilling life you owe it to yourself to create it.

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