If you DON'T see results.....Can you say YES to the 10?

If you DON'T see results.....Can you say YES to the 10? 

1. You've followed your diet plan to the letter and without faulty swaps.
2. You have been giving your all in the gym.
3. You have measured up everything on your meal plan to make sure you get the right amount.
4. You have not gone off your diet over the weekend to start fresh on the Monday, and now wonder why you're not seeing results.
5. Have you been training for more than 6 months consistently?
6. Are you sure you're using condiments and sweeteners etc which do not contain added sugars, oils, corn syrups etc?
7. Is your strength going up compared to weeks ago?
8. Are you comparing results by individuals who've been training for years even though you just started out? Time to get realistic.
9. Have you done refeeds, cheat days or too many treat meals? If so, time to back off on those. For real.
10. Are you losing the same pounds over and over just to regain them due to over treating yourself each time you lose them?

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