In the mood for some drinks?

My 10 reasons why I don't drink alcohol:

1) It doesn't in any way help fat loss

2) It does not in any way help muscle growth

3) it might feel relaxing to consume but it causes panic for your body who needs to deal with the poison, detoxify you from it before it can do anything that promotes a leaner body.

4) It increases the risk of making poor food choices.

5) The potential carcinogenic effect

6) I believe it ages you prematurely and you can tell who drinks and who doesn't

7) If I feel inhibited, I'll work on those inhibitions instead of letting alcohol do it for me.

8) I rather eat my calories than consume them as liquor

9) I see absolute no value in alcohol

10) For me to get any effect I'd have to drink 5-6 shots of vodka or similar. That would cause a big increase in calories I'd have to cut out. Regularly doing that would impact my physique for the worse.

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