Introducing someone NEW to the GYM

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Introducing someone new to the gym

Know somebody who just is not into fitness, but you want to get them into the gym for their own health and wellbeing?

Here are 10 ways to get your partner/husband/wife into the gym:

1. Ease them into it. Give them a 10 min workout and don't kill them. You want them to get some pleasure out of it or they won't return.

2. Start light. Don't try to make them enjoy the pain like us seasoned gym rats do.

3. Give lots of encouragement on their effort and form. Don't be overcritical.

This exercise and workout available in the NEW Butt Bible 2

4. Compliment their new muscle strength that comes along. Even the littlest increase, reward it with positive remarks.

5. Make them feel comfortable with you in the gym. Pay attention to them, not to some hottie or hunk training beside you. Focus.

6. Even though you're cool with eating steamed broccoli and chicken every day they won't be. Make an effort creating healthy meals that are both for results and for flavor. You can do it.

7. Incorporate a weekly treat dinner or dinner out as a reward for sticking to the program over the week.

8. Make them laugh and smile when working out. It's important!

This exercise and workout available in the NEW Butt Bible 2

9. Don't treat them like they're idiots when they ask about stuff you feel is 'duh, common knowledge'. They don't know, your role is to explain to them like they're 3 years old.

10. Make sure they know that your love isn't depending on what their bodies look like but you're pushing this because a fit body is a heatlhy body and a healthy body will last longer and hence your loved one will be around longer with you.