Is Fighter Diet the same as CLEAN EATING?


10 reasons why NOT:

1. "Clean food' is not automatically smart food for fat loss.

2. "Clean eating" says nothing about what the food contains macronutrient wise.

3. Clean eating does not mean you can eat a lot without paying for it.

4. Many "clean foods" are high in calories.

5. Refeeds on Fighter Diet can feature refined sugars and it'll help you lose body fat.

6. "Clean eating" that omits salt is not a clever move for hard training indivuals.

7. Whey protein and other protein powders are processed, but their track record of increases in lean body mass and increased satiety show they're beneficial, not harmful.

8. Canned fish and Chicken are often healthier than grilling or frying: canned items do not have HCA (heterocyclic amines which are carcinogenic).

9. if you train often and hard, refined carbs will help you, not halt you.

10. Refined flours don't have more calories than wholegrain flour. I'm not big on flours at all, not added sugars either however on refeed or post workout, heck yeah!

Conclusion: your diet must work for you and your goals. If you don't enjoy it, you'll stop sticking to it. Just don't think Clean Eating is a must to get buff, lean and healthy.

The NUMBER ONE RULE for HEALTH is to get in a NORMAL, healthy body weight range.