Is it really a 'challenge' I host with Fighterdiet?

Is it really a 'challenge' I host with Fighterdiet?

What is the difference between Cuts & Gainz, Build & Burn, Back to the Roots, Ignite the Fight Within, Discipline your Dedication, Military 1 & 2 etc?

The 'challenge' is to learn to master fitness as a lifestyle.

The more experienced you become, the greater your results will be.

It's all about building layers on the onion!
It's all about adding one layer of muscle tissue after another.
It's about losing body fat and to keep it off.

Fighterdiet is thus not a 'challenge', but a way of life, the challenge is to make it your way of life.

I would rename it though. It's not a 'challenge', it's an opportunity to discover you're much stronger than you think when you put yourself to the test.

What I want you to focus on during the next Fighterdiet 'course' starting May 1 is YOU!
Focus on what you want to be about. See inside your mind what you'll be when you adopt this lifestyle.

Welcome to Fighterdiet. I can't wait to teach you!

You can too! Transform with Fighterdiet, choose one of our 12 week diet and workout programs.

New to Fighter Diet and Pauline? Try a Fighterdiet Challenge We start May 1st but you still have time to sign up!

* New meals to choose from.

* New workout program.

* 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

* Beginner and Advanced in same group. 

* Workout at home or in gym. 

* Day by day diet and workout plan. 

* Part of closed Facebook Group (Community).

* Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. 

* Women and Men (co-ed).

* Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

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