Junk food is seldom what keeps fitness people flabby

Junk food is seldom what keeps fitness people flabby.

Who's the dietary wolf in sheep clothing? The 'healthy" food! That's right!

People want to believe healthy foods can not fatten you up and will always make you lose fat.

Nuts, nut butters, unsweetened chocolate, chicken breasts, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, olives, "whole grain this and that', fruit, yogurt ...

Your beloved coconut in everything because the 'if you eat fat you burn fat' propaganda is drilled in so hard into your ears you actually think something's wrong with your body for not losing your muffin top when you're eating coconut oil like it's water!

All calories count. All macros count. Yes, even your protein shake. 

What about YOU? 
Are you with ME?

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