List to do for getting in shape

Andrea Chan, 9 month progress with Fighter Diet, doing 3 challenges in a row. 

Let's say I had let myself go and weighed more than 240 lbs on my 5'2 frame. 

1. I would sign a contract with myself explaining what I need to do and why.

2. I would put things into projects: get my food right month 1, add weight training month 2, add cardio month 3. I would split this up so I didn't get burned out and quit.

3. I would follow the most effective diet to shed weight: veggies and lean protein. I would save the grains for when I got into a healthier weight range. This would allow me to eat A LOT of volume and keep me away from sweets and junk.

4. I would NOT look at myself naked in the mirror daily and get discouraged when I saw no change. I would take a look once every 3-4 weeks until I saw a good change.

5. I would not over analyze and get discouraged on a daily basis. Emphasizing creating a structured fitness life.

6. I would give myself a year to get in shape.

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