Mayas Transformation

Mayas Transformation

Maya from Slovenia has been with Fighter Diet for one year. She is the epitome of Fighter Diet as a lifestyle. In 2016 she joined one of our challenges and after 3 months was done she jumped on to the next on and the next one.

After 1 year Maya had completely transformed her body from "normal" to "super athletic".                                   

Mayas Story

This post isn't just about transformation in the weight loss sense..Left picture I weighed 67kg, middle picture 57kg, right picture 60kg.

Left was almost a year ago...middle was June 17, at the end of my Fighter Diet challenge that I won and right was 3 days ago.

So while I was the skinniest in the middle, my body was completely different than it is today. I lost the fat that always bothered me..I thought I had a phenomenal transformation...and I did...yet it took me a year to get my body to where I can finally say I am happy to be. Stronger and confident at weightlifting.

Not focused on my physical transformation anymore but finally focused on who and what kind of person I want to be.

Some would say it was about time...I say it's never too late. And weightlifting has become just a drop into the ocean of everything that Maya is. It defined me at a point in my life but doesn't anymore. I learned to live with it, as the best stress reliever there is, as something I enjoy, as something that brings me joy.

My IG was never really just about gym, anyway. Thank you to all my IG friends for being on this one year journey with me...I can only say the only way is up, bring it on.

PhD is next, this time for real. Time to get those brains in action. Love to you all - Maya

Photos from Maya's Instagram, follow her at Mya983