My Fitness Goal

My fitness goal is not to look the best

Some days I think my body looks deformed, other days I love most of it, at least all I can work to shape with the iron. 

My goal is to stay strong and fit until I die and hopefully I’ll have my health for a long time. 

I’ve always been like this; if I don’t see myself doing something for the rest of my life I don’t invest any time in it at all. 

When everyone else was crash dieting to lose fat for my bodybuilding shows, I started six months out to preserve as much lean muscle ass possible even though I had only 10 lbs to shed. 

I did that because it took me forever to lose any at all, probably much due to my hypothyroidism but I’m grateful for all my issues and problems, they were the reasons I created FIGHTERDIET.

If you can manage your outlook you're so much closer to reaching the level of fitness you want! So do it for aesthetic reasons and you will get a happy soul as well.

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