NATURAL ways to get rid of Cellulite

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10 ALL TIME BEST & NATURAL ways to get rid of Cellulite

1. Get lean all over. When you lower your body fat, cellulites appear less like orange peel.

2. Gain lots of muscle mass. When you gain muscle the skin is tightened and stretch out instead of sagging. Not only that, more muscle mass means less food is likely to be stored in your fat cells.

3. Eat foods which reduce your estrogen levels to 'normal' instead of too high: cabbage, mustard, flax seeds, cauliflower, asparagus are typical ones. (Hello Fighterdiet)

4. Focus on squats, lunges and deadlifts and not cardio to lower your body fat. Sumo-Squat

5. Use caffeine containing supplements like Fighter Diet BURN or drink coffee since caffeine improves your fat burning capacity. 

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6. Eat lots of fiber and food that require lots of chewing. This helps burn calories and it also cleans your intestine. With the cleaning, some grams here and there of fat and sugar will likely be swept away with the fiber!

7. Stay hydrated so your muscles don't shrink and skin isn't dehydrated.

8. Do cardio to improve blood supply to all cells and to increase fat burning engines in your muscles.

9. Take supplements with yohimbe which help stubborn fat. Stubborn fat love to hang out with cellulite. Fighter Diet BURN has yohimbe.

10. Allow TIME to get rid of the cellulite and when you have it gone, DO NOT yo yo diet up and down in weight. STAY LEAN 365! 


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