One month into the new year...

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One month into the new year...and some of you are already falling off despite your big ambitions for 2019

How to stay committed so you get results:

1) Have realistic expectations and work with what you have and with who you are.

2) Understand fitness doesn’t play the game of fairness. Having a six pack of abs isn’t a human right per se.

3) Set mini goals and daily goals. A goal for the day can be a little thing like choosing a healthier meal, do a tougher workout, push it more than last time.

And you know what? A small achievement that will become your greatest achievement and reason for your success is your ability to say yes I can have it, yes I can have anything I want to eat, and I choose long term satisfaction, not instant gratification that feeds my disappointment with myself tomorrow.

Fat-loss and keeping it off for life doesn’t have to be “the grind, the sacrifices I have to make to succeed”. It’s all about perception of self induced pain and fat-loss definitely can be one.

When you choose to perceive the choices required for success are privileges not struggle without reward, you’ll enter what I call diet nirvana.

Fat Loss by Mind Power

To get in shape all you have to do is train hard and keep a strict diet.

Sounds easy, right?

If only it wasn’t for the mind and what it does to you...

Even though you eat all your meals on time, complete all of your workouts you plan to do, those cravings for food and sweets just won’t let you off the hook!

If you want a change, transform your mind and body and soul, I welcome you to Fatloss by Mindpower.

I provide the tools, I provide the information. You just show up and follow orders.

What's Included

- A day by day diet plan.

- Cardio routines.

- Weight training routines.

You can do the routines with dumbbells, barbells and a bench in the convenience of your own home.

198 pages.