Patty's Story


I am not posting this pic to boost my own ego. Instead I want to talk about accountability and progress. This pic shows my 10 month Fighterdiet Transformation, from when I first began this program in June 2017 to my current condition in “Ignite The Fight Within” Challenge.

I want to show you that this program works. I have been following the meal plan and workout plan from every challenge 100% all the way, 7 days a week for the last 10 months. I have not missed one workout and I have had many well deserved treats.

Us Coaches encourage the Challenge contenders to post weekly progress pics not only for a chance to “win” a prize but for them to stay accountable and to see their own results. Don’t rely on the scale as your weight will always fluctuate due to extra water. Instead, trust that you are getting progress by seeing your progress.

Did you know that when you start seeing progress there is a chemical released in your brain that is responsible for regulating mood, behaviour, sleep and cognition. That chemical is called Dopamine. Seeing results from following the Fighter Diet Program will release those chemicals in your brain and make you want to work even harder to obtain your goals.

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What about YOU? 
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In short:

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YES I need this

Autumn Jones, a runner, lost 30lbs in 12 weeks with Fighterdiet principles!

Tori Riegler gained confidence, self esteem and lost 24lbs!