Post workout CARBS

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No other time is as great to enjoy your carbs as after an intense workout!

Right after strenuous exercise is when sugar isn't evil' or fattening but just really good for recovery and to boost your body's interest in building lean muscle.

What kind of carbs you choose depends on your preference. This is not the time to be a 'diet police' thinking simple sugar is counterproductive.

Here are two lists of 'healthy and nutritious' carbs and one 'not nutritious' but highly effective in restoring the muscles' stores of carbs called glycogen.

Flat Bench Dumbbell Press (image from Military Challenge workouts).

Healthy and very nutritious carbs:

Baked potatoes

Baked winter squash

Steamed beets & carrots


Baked cassava

Brown rice cakes (brown has more micronutrients than white)

Not nutritious but highly effective:


Sugar Candy


Sushi with tunaWhite bread

Jello Pudding


Inverted Row (image from Military Challenge workouts).

Renegade Row (image from Military Challenge workouts).

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