As much as I love starbucks and I've probably spent more than 1000 visits there, I have NEVER eaten ANY baked goods there.

The reason is simple! It's not worth the calories!

Look at the comparison shot by Fighterdiet Warrior June Rollins .

Fat loss for life takes a change of lifestyle. That lifestyle does NOT have to be boring, bland and giving you a sense of being constantly deprived of the food you love a little too much for your own good.

Here are 3 TIPS for healthy habit strategies for THIS WEEK to support your fitness journey:

1) Don't go extreme in any direction. Cutting out carbs, cutting out everything "artificial", quitting caffeine etc is not necessary and probably unsustainable.

2) LEARN what foods have lots of calories and what foods are LOW in calories. The LOW calorie foods are your best friends so CHOOSE them over junk.

3) In general, the higher the calories per serving, the cheaper the food. Horrible truth for those who struggle with food bills, but there are many cheap low calorie foods too: cabbage, eggs, chicken, oat bran/oats, carrots, chia seeds and from a cost per protein gram, USUALLY investing in a whey protein reduces costs but ups protein quality.

I encourage you to invest in my Fighterdiet books to learn what to eat, when to eat and why eating BIG wins long term for FAT LOSS.

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